Monday, April 5, 2010

I didn't fall off the face of the planet!!

I am still alive, if any of you were wondering. Brandi did not kill me and hide my body in the walls. Thanks in large part to the big protective dog you see below. She has been pretty grumpy as of late (not the dog, Brandi).

I finally got a chance to sit down at my computer for five minutes. I wanted to thank you all for not un-following me while I have been away. I wanted to post a couple pictures of Heidi, and find out if anyone out there feeds a "RAW" diet? I am looking for feed back and info. I recently switched to the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet. I would like to know what you feed your dog.

I have also convinced Brandi it is a good idea to breed Heidi. I am really excited about having a litter of puppies and getting the boys involved in taking care of them.


Foursons said...

Ummm...yeah. I feed my dog what ever bag of food is on sale at the grocery store. Yes he chooses not to eat on some days- if you were wondering.

Brandi said...

We still have 5 months to go... you could end up in the walls yet.

Mr. Daddy said...

You better not breed that dog yet.... If Brandi is that grumpy, and the dog gets pregnant, and grumpy, she won't have to hide you in the walls, she will just feed you to the dogs...LOL

And what kinda diet would that be????


Kmama said...

We feed our dog (a boxer) the Purina One Lamb and Rice food. She has a sensitive stomach and this food works the best for her.

Kari @ p.s. said...

I mentioned this on one of Brandi's blogs, but I feed my dog a semi whole prey diet. By that I mean I'm not as hard core as some of them and deny my dog a fun treat every now and then.

He's been on it for about 16 months - he's lost weight, his teeth seem cleaner and he only goes to the bathroom twice a day as oppose to the 5-6 he was going on commercial food.

I feed 8 oz a day of raw meat and change the meat every other week to give him a variety. I also add organs once a week for added nutrients that he doesn't get in the meat.

He only has issues with chicken, can't seem to keep it down, but is good with everything else. I wish I would have learned about it earlier on. Makes more sense.

Cooked meat stays in a dogs system for over 12 hours - takes that long to digest. Raw meat takes about an hour.

Glad to hear you weren't killed and stashed. Would have been a tad weird to find out about that!

Brandi said...